I’ve been through a lot of marriage programs. What’s different about Hope4Marriages?

Hope4Marriages is a unique mentoring program. Participants are matched with an Encourager couple who will meet with them weekly while completing a 12 week Scripture-based curriculum. Participants are given a homework assignment each week to build on what is learned during the meeting time. This life-transforming experience has enriched many marriages.

Why does one on one Couple mentoring work so well?

This format allows a Hope Couple (mentee) to be open and vulnerable during their private meeting time with their Encourager Couple (mentor).

Is Hope4Marriages only for couples in distress?

Hope4Marriages is for any married couple who desires a closer, more enjoyable relationship. This program has helped many couples establish healthy patterns; newly married couples, couples with young children, or those married for many years. And, yes, even couples in distress. Based on Christian Scripture, Hope4Marriages can competently serve only male-female marriages.

How many lessons are in the curriculum?

Learning new skills and establishing new habits takes time – and practice. Participants will be asked to meet weekly with the Encourager Couple for 12 weeks. A different topic or issue will be addressed each week.

How do I bring Hope4Marriages to my church?

We look forward to serving you and talking with you! Please contact us.

I'm excited to support Hope4Marriages!

Terrific! Please mail your contribution to:
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“Hope4Marriages will require work and honesty, especially to be transparent with the mentors and each other.”
— Walt, Hope4Marriages participant

“Overall I really had a sense of real hope throughout the course that God was working to rescue our marriage.”
— Hope4Marriages participant